Projects & Applications

At Harsco Industrial Air-X-Changers, we are passionate about performance – performance of people, product, engineering and unit longevity. In fact, it is the proven field performance of our products and our tradition of excellence and innovation spanning more than 50 years that keeps us on top as the unequaled industry leader.

Our extensive experience in engineering, design and manufacturing (to even the strictest specifications) is one of the capabilities that makes Harsco Industrial Air-X-Changers the hands-down choice for natural gas compression, process cooling and turbine lube oil cooling. From small coolers to the largest cooling units, in engine-driven, electric motor-driven, and hydraulic motor-driven configurations, Harsco Industrial Air-X-Changers has the broadest product line in the industry.

Harsco Industrial Air-X-Changers coolers are designed and engineered-to-order not just for specific applications but even for specific locations and pressure dynamics. We understand the industry, the pressures on your business and the need to minimize down-time and maximize return on your investment over the long lifetime of our products.

Harsco Industrial Air-X-Changers' gas compression heat exchangers protect gas compression equipment and control the condition of natural gas from the wellhead through compression, processing and delivery. Our horizontal electric motor-driven process type coolers service the needs of the refinery and petrochemical industries. Harsco Industrial Air-X-Changers' lube oil cooling systems are critical to the reliability of turbine-generator or turbine-driven pump applications. We also adapt our designs for use in power generation, landfill gas compression and many other applications.

Our absolute commitment to quality product and superior service means that Harsco Industrial Air-X-Changers coolers perform reliably over the long haul, even in the harshest environments. They are environmentally friendly, low-noise, and inconspicuous (to meet worldwide municipal mandates.) Harsco Industrial Air-X-Changers also designs units to a minimal footprint, especially important for offshore installations, providing more cooling in less area and ultimately delivering important cost savings to our customers.

We invite you to explore some of the many projects and applications we at Harsco Industrial Air-X-Changers proudly present.